For Parents


Path Movement’s number 1, most important training element will always be SAFETY. Forever and ever and ever. Safety is by far our greatest concern. There are numerous videos of parkour online that seem very dangerous. We’re not saying parkour isn’t dangerous, but when trained methodically it has the same dangers as any other sport. The greatest part of parkour and path is we teach how to fall, how to bail, how to use your body to reduce injury. Parkour is scalable. We teach to start small and then gradually increase moves while building muscles, technique, and confidence to get those moves of an advanced parkour athlete.

Alternative to Team Sports

Parkour and freerunning have an interesting mix that allows athletes to be distinguished with a unique style and moves. Parkour is an individual sport. However, the community here at Path Movement is one of great character and personality. We train and teach students to encourage and respect one another and their teachers. ‘I can’t’ is deemed a taboo phrase, and is not in any of the member’s vocabularies of Path Movement, the statement is rather ‘I haven’t yet.’

Character Building

Respect. Humility. Confidence.

We have countless stories of students who come to Path and lack all of the above. We not only want to build superhero’s; we want to build role models. Our students cannot only physically execute the ‘impossible,’ they can be a positive force in society. Come see how parkour and movement can impact lifestyles.

Problem Solving

Parkour and freerunning are intended to overcome obstacles. Get from point A to point B. Everyone will look at it from a different perspective and since every ‘body’ is different, athletes will find a way to overcome the obstacles in their own way. Ultimately, students learn how to physically and creatively overcome obstacles. There are no set path’s here at Path Movement or in life. Students will gain the skills to solve the problems they never thought they could.