Our Teaching Style

Teaching is our passion. Parkour is our tool. Helping people grow and find their own path is our mission. We believe that people are amazing and unique. No two are alike, so forcing a very regimented training method upon those uniquely different people is the wrong way to go about things. That is why we have developed our teaching method.

We always start with the basics. Strength, humility, endurance. We pour in a healthy dose of safety and awareness and begin to mix vigorously. Once we have created that strong fundamental base, we pay attention to the students natural inclination and start asking ourselves a few questions. Are they a power type of person? Do they pay more attention to tech and flow? Is style oozing out of every inch of them?

Once we have identified that, we help them walk that Path through specialized training. We also enable them to grow as they walk that Path by facilitating them with a truly modular gym. A gym that can change and reconfigure as they do. We give them the freedom to join a team and compete, or to stay solo. But most importantly, we stand behind them. We constantly help them gain the strength to move forward. We give them the endurance to push through life’s tough challenges, and we remind them to have the humility it takes to realize that falling down is the only way to learn how to fly.